Location: The studio is on the first floor of the Ferrers Centre and is accessed via a door in the central arch to the courtyard.

Open studio days: The first weekend of every month but Charlotte is very happy, to open for a viewing at any time, just give her a call or a quick text.

Charlotte’s father was an art dealer, so her childhood home was filled with paintings and restoration projects. It was in these early experiences that the smell of oil and spirits became very much infused into her psyche.  Whilst completing her bachelor’s degree in art history she spent a term studying in Rome and Florence immersing herself in the works of the great masters.  She finally completed a master’s degree in fine art where her personal style began to emerge. As an accredited Psychotherapist, it is natural for Charlotte to focus on the subjective feelings beyond the objects that she paints, and this has always been a main interest of hers.

Charlotte paints a variety of subjects that interest her, but she is often drawn towards the ocean and flowers, both of which, she finds, speak a language of their own.  She loves the limitless freedom in the colours and shapes of flowers, and the powerful movement and quiet stillness found in the ocean. For Charlotte they both symbolise hope and joy in an overwhelmed world.

Charlottes style is very intuitive and fluctuates between a loose, representational and sometimes semi-abstract interpretation. She works in oils, using knives, brushes and fingers to reach the effect she’s searching for.  Her work has been represented in numerous galleries and features in several personal collections.